ARC Review: Snow by Mike Bond

Release Date: October 1, 2017
Publisher: Mandevilla press
Format: Kindle
Pages: 253 Pages
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
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Two hunters and their guide find a crashed plane full of cocaine in the Montana wilderness. Each has a reason to steal the cocaine – who will? Two take it, and soon the Mexican drug cartel, the DEA, Las Vegas killers, and the police of several states are hunting them down.
Zack, a former NFL star now a TV sports icon, has nasty friends in Vegas to whom he owes two million dollars. Steve, a Wall Street broker, has just lost all of his and Zack’s investments in a banking securities crash. Curt, their guide, a half-Cheyenne mountain man, is trying to save his ranch from an energy company takeover.
Zack is in love with two women, one from his days of cocaine and the NFL, the other a doctor who wants to save him from his past. Steve has wife and two kids he loves in Manhattan, a house full of debts and no way out. Curt guides them to make money, but wants to get back to his wife and save his ranch.
Diego is an executioner for the cocaine cartel. María Christina, a Harvard grad and Yale MBA, runs the cartel. Whitney Castro is a black girl from the Denver slums, now a brilliant DEA agent. Kenny Stauffenberg is an easy-going Montana sheriff who never gives up a hunt.


Zack a former NFL player, and his buddy Steve a stockbroker are off on their yearly hunt in the Montana.  While trudging through the snow they find a crashed plane full of cocaine.  Both are in serious debt and don't see a way out other than this plane and its promise of millions, like the answer to a dream fallen from the sky.  The problem is that these two are the worst thieves, leaving a trail of evidence and bread crumbs as they travel back and forth from Denver, Vegas, and New York with the DEA, and a hit man for the Mexican cartel whose drugs were stolen following them.

The book centers around Zack, Steve, hit man Diego, and the Cheyenne guide, Curt, whose truck Zack and Steve steal to move the coke. Their stories weave in and out as they make one stupid decision after the other. Zack is reckless, Steve seems devoted to his family but seems more in love with the almighty dollar. Diego is in love with his boss and hopes that one day she will be his. Curt is losing his farm if he can't come up with the money for his loan.

This book is fast paced and jumps the shark at many a turn but it is entertaining with an underlying theme of "money isn't everything." All the players in this book have a lesson to learn but can they learn them before its too late? This book is pure adrenaline, everyone is one step away from getting caught, cashing out or dying. Easily devoured in one sitting this is a thrill ride from moment one.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.