Book Review: Deadly Communion (The Liebermann Papers 5 ) by Frank Tallis

Release Date: April 11, 2017
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288 pages
Genre: Young Adult
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Published in the US as Vienna Twilight by Frank Tallis but I seemed to have found a British copy from a free little library. 

In the dynamic and dangerous Vienna of 1903, a brilliant psychoanalyst and a brave detective battle to catch criminals who commit the most clever and brutal crimes.

Detective Inspector Oskar Reinhardt finds that young women are being slain in an unnerving—and ingenious—manner, with a small, almost undetectable, hat pin. For Dr. Max Liebermann, the killer is unique in the annals of psychopathology, one who murders in the midst of consensual love. Is the culprit a patient, one who swears he has a double, a shadow figure that is far more forward (in fact, indecent) with women? As danger mounts, Liebermann must find the answer while struggling with his own forbidden desire for a female patient.


I really enjoyed this book it reminded me of Sherlock Holmes.  Inspector Reinhardt and Dr. Liebermann remind me of Sherlock and Watson. This is a great period piece with great characters.  The mystery is well written and the characters that are well developed.

There is a great deal of Freud in these pages so if you feel things are too sexualized remember who the psychologists mentor is...Freud was all about sex and sexuality.  This book is also not set in modern times so what we would see right away may take the characters a bit to figure out.  We are surrounded by crime tv shows and movies that have attuned us to clues but if we put ourselves back in time where crime wasn't quite as common as it is nowadays you may find it harder to figure out.

I will be looking for more books in this series as I found this in a free little library around the corner from me.  I love finding new gems.