ARC Book Review: The Burglar by Thomas Perry

Release Date: January 18, 2019
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Format: ebook
Pages: 304 pages
Genre:  Mystery/Thriller
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Elle Stowell is a young woman with an unconventional profession: burglary. But Elle is no petty thief - with just the right combination of smarts, looks, and skills, she can easily stroll through ritzy Bel Air neighborhoods and pick out the perfect home for plucking the most valuable items. This is how Elle has always gotten by - she is good at it, and she thrives on the thrill. But after stumbling upon a grisly triple homicide while stealing from the home of a wealthy art dealer, Elle discovers that she is no longer the only one sneaking around. Somebody is searching for her. As Elle realizes that her knowledge of the high-profile murder has made her a target, she races to solve the case before becoming the next casualty, using her breaking-and-entering skills to uncover the truth about exactly who the victims were and why someone might have wanted them dead


When you are a burglar you never know what you are walking into but Elle is good at what she does. Unfortunately this time Elle walks into a scene that she is likely not to forget.  Three people in the bed all dead of a gunshot to the head and a video camera running filming it all.

The beginning of this book kept me very interested, then as Elle decides to play detective things go a little stale. She starts making mistakes, and her abilities take on a superhero quality that didn't really seem to fit. The ending just left me a bit cold it was so abrupt.

There are definitely pieces of this book that were really good and others that just jumped the shark so hard it was almost hard to keep reading.  The death of someone Elle knows barely makes a blip on her emotional radar for more that a few days. I understand needing to be detached as a burglar but this was a bit much.  There were other things like this that left me unable to give this book a better rating.

Overall this is a brain candy thriller that isn't that sweet and doesn't last that long. 

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.

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