Audio Book Review: Gone to Ground (Kay Hunter Book 6) by Rachel Amphlet

Release Date: July 5, 2018
Publisher: Saxon Publishing
Format: Audio
Length: 6 hours 36 minutes
Narrator: Allison Campbell
Genre: Mystery/thriller
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While attending a crime scene on the outskirts of Maidstone, DI Kay Hunter makes a shocking discovery.

The victim has been brutally cut to pieces, his identity unknown.

When more body parts start turning up in the Kentish countryside, Kay realises the disturbing truth - a serial killer is at large and must be stopped at all costs. With no motive for the murders and a killer who has gone undetected until now, Kay and her team of detectives must work fast to calm a terrified local population and a scornful media.

When a third victim is found, her investigation grows even more complicated.

As she begins to expose a dark underbelly to the county town, Kay and her team are pulled into a web of jealousy and intrigue that, if left unchecked, will soon claim another life.


Kay has been promoted to Detective Inspector leaving her with even more on her plate and Sharp is back to work. I realize that I think I like these books because they aren't this sensational breakneck mystery.  They are slower and more methodical, somewhat like Scandinavian mysteries that I love so much.

I love Kay's partner Adam, the vet who frequently brings his work home with him for short stays, this time its a goat, with a desire for the plants in the back garden.

While this murder scene is particularly gruesome there is a lot of gallows humor that takes away the squeamishness. I love these police procedural's and like watching the characters evolve book to book.