ARC Book Review: In Her Words by JS Ellis

Release Date: January 21, 2017
Publisher: Common Word Publishing
Format: ebook
Pages: 156 pages
Genre:  Mystery/thriller
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One Night. One Man. One Mystery

While she seems to have it all, Sophie Knight is looking for more. When gorgeous and carefree Michael Frisk walks into her life, he offers the excitement and passion she desires.

Sophie is willing to risk everything she has. After all, she is used to concealing things from her husband—like her alcoholism, her unhappiness. But soon she has more to hide. She wakes up one morning in an alcoholic haze and finds bruises on her body, but has no recollection of what happened to her. Was she raped?

When unsettling notes and mysterious phone calls start, Sophie wonders whom she should turn to. Is Michael the cause of the frightening things happening in her life, or is he the answer to her problems?


This story is told through the eyes of Sophie as she writes in her diary.  This is a twisted fast paced thriller that keeps getting stranger and more crazy as time goes by.  I loved that it was written in diary format and really only told by Sophie's perspective. The last part of the book was like unraveling a tangled string.  As you started to get toward what you thought of as the end you would find another tangle that you had to straighten out first. 

I will say I was a little disappointed with the ending.  I felt it was a bit abrupt and I wasn't completely certain why the person who was in police custody talking to Sophie was going to jail or thought he was, I couldn't figure out his crime so that didn't sit well with me. I was left feeling incomplete and if I was Sophie I'm not sure how I would move on when there was no closure.

I did blow through this book at lightening speed because it held my attention and was like a car crash you can't look away from.  Sophie's drinking, her blackouts, her husband's bizarre controlling ways, what may have happened on that mysterious night Sophie can't remember all left me turning pages up until the very end. I really want to give this a 4 worm rating but I have to drop it to 3 due to my dissatisfaction with the ending.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through Book Sirens in exchange for an honest review.

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