Audio Book Review: Deadly Assessments (Vampire Fred Book 5) by Drew Hayes

Release Date: August 7, 2018
Publisher: Tantor audio
Format: Audio
Length: 9 hours 9 minutes
Narrator: Kirby Heyborne
Genre: Fantasy
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After several years as a vampire, starting a business, founding his own clan, and proposing to his girlfriend, Fred is finally beginning to settle into life as an undead accountant. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about his continued survival, or the dangerous friends he’s made along the way.

The Blood Council has dispatched a representative to determine if Fred is fit for the position he currently fills as head of a clan, and the stakes for failure are deathly serious. Worse, Fred will have to muddle through without the help of Krystal, who is off on a mysterious task of her own.

Saddled with a new bodyguard, Fred will have to prove he’s got what it takes to be a respectable vampire, control his abilities, and lead a clan. Because if he can’t, the House of Fred will be no more


The latest installment of the Fred the Vampire Series.  Fred is on his own this time since his fiance and deadly agent is off with the fae attempting to get her engagement to her ex fiance that she found cheating annulled.  Fred finds that he is under assessment from the Blood Council - if they find him unfit to run a clan he will be killed along with his clan, if they find he is fit the clan who filed the complaint may be punished.

While this assessment has Fred on edge it is also a way for him to learn more about being a vampire, something he didn't learn from his sire since he was abandoned at rebirth. Fred's insights show that he is not without his talents and starts to learn that some of the things that he has held back on may be his downfall.  We find Fred accepting his vampire nature more within this book and even embracing it a bit.  However Fred's true talent is a secret, his immunity to silver.  This could save him but at what cost?

These books just keep getting better.  I love them and Fred has a place in my heart.