Book Review: Bought (Last Chance #1) by A. L.Long

Release Date: April 9, 2019
Publisher: Minotaur books
Format: ebook
Pages: 80 pages
Genre:  Romance
Buy: Kindle 


The last memory that Alannah ‘Lanie’ Jackson has of her father is the day he went away. Hidden away in an attic from the rest of the world, the only thing that Alannah ‘Lanie’ Jackson can hold on to is the memory of her father and the hope that one day he will come for her. Every day that passes, the memory of her childhood disappears and she learns that her only purpose now is to please. Trained to act a certain way, the day comes when she can finally be free. She only hopes that the man who purchases her will be kinder than her current master.


This is more of a novella or a serial than a full story, I feel like this is a new thing that a lot of self published romance writers are doing now and I'm not sure I'm a fan.  There is no true ending to the books they just seem to leave you on a slight cliff hanger until the next installment.

This book is marketed as a BDSM novel but its not. Lanie was taken from her father at age 5 and held captive and tortured to submit until she is sold - this is not BDSM this is abuse and exploitation.

Now she has a new "Master" who tries to treat her with respect and teach her about the world but lets face it in 80 pages there isn't much to this story.  The characters weren't well developed and the ending jumped the shark for me.  I've read a lot of really enjoyable, erotic BDSM romances and this is not one of them.

I did read the 2nd and got partway into the 3rd books hoping it would get better but it doesn't.  I honesty don't understand the motivations of any of the characters and feel that anyone would be taking advantage of Lanie at this point regardless of how they both say they feel.  How does she even know how she feels she hadn't even been kissed!

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.

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