BOOK REVIEW: Down on Me (Man of the Month #1) by K Jenner

Publication Date: January 16, 2018
Publisher: Martini & Olive
Format: ebook
Pages:  250 Pages
Genre:  Romance
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I've never had a problem getting women on my arm or in my bed.

Except for Jenna Montgomery.

She’s the woman I want. The woman I’ve craved my whole life. But she’s been my best friend since childhood, and that’s a line I can’t cross.

Until one wicked night changes everything.

Now all bets are off. And I’m determined to use every seductive skill in my repertoire to prove to Jenna that best friends can be lovers, too.


Omg I loved this book and I'm so glad there are more, I see a binge coming in my future.  Trying had to stay in the friend zone despite his growing feelings for his childhood best friend Reece is trying to help his good friend and boss save his bar.  Jenna has recently returned from California and the feelings between them are growing fast.  This is a hot sexy romance that sets up the stories for the next 11 books.  As Jenna has the idea to create a calendar of hot men from the area by throwing a party a month to help pick the winner for each months calendar page. Jenna would love for the men who run the bar they are trying to save to be part of it none of them want to show off their ripped bodies for the masses. Although Jenna might get her wish after all when her and Reece get a little closer than just friends.

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