AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: If Women Rose Rooted (The Jorney to Authenticity and Belonging) by Sharon Blackie

Release Date: October 17, 2017
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Format: Audio
Length: 13 hours 29 minutes
Narrator: Heather Wilds
Genre: Myths, spirituality,
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This is the second edition of a uniquely empowering, international word-of-mouth best seller about wild landscapes, female mythology, and the challenges facing modern women. It is a book for any woman who has ever lost her way and who sees a wasteland at the heart of modern existence and longs to live a more authentic, rooted life once again.


Women have been relegated to secondary roles, pushed aside and taught that they don't matter as much as men.  However, it didn't used to be that way.  Look back at the myths and tribal stories of old where women and the matriarchy ruled.  When women's voices mattered and were tasked with keeping the land fertile and the water clear.  The modern world has drained women of their necessary role in the world.  Leaving many to think that in order to lead they have to behave like men, when women rule very differently than men and we shouldn't hide our own power.

Sharon Blackie has written a book to help women remember who they are.  Remember that we are powerful and have a unique role in the world. Its not about women being better than men but another side of power and without feminine power we are out of balance. This book is also about finding where you belong, the place that speaks to your soul, reconnecting through the earth and the stories. Its about doing things that scare you because change is often scary. Listen to your body, are you depressed? Are you sick all the time? Maybe you need to change something in your life.

Blackie's book is part mythology and folklore part memoir. It is very readable and fascinating.  I almost believe you have to find this book for it to speak to you, whether thats through a review or browsing online.  In searching I found this answer, to ground myself in the earth, to go back to my roots and remember my power.

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