ARC BOOK REVIEW: The Secrets of Love Story Bridge by Phaedra Patrick

Publication Date: April 28, 2020
Publisher: Park Row
Format: ebook
Pages:  336 Pages
Genre:  Fiction
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It’s summer in the city and passions are soaring along with the temperature—for everyone but Mitchell Fisher, who hates all things romance. He relishes his job cutting off the padlocks that couples fasten to the famous “love story” bridge. Only his young daughter, Poppy, knows that behind his prickly veneer, Mitchell still grieves the loss of her mother.

Then one hot day, everything changes when Mitchell courageously rescues a woman who falls from the bridge into the river. He’s surprised to feel an unexpected connection to her, but she disappears before he can ask her name. Desperate to find out her identity, Mitchell is shocked to learn she’s been missing for almost a year. He teams up with her spirited sister, Liza, on a quest to find her again. However, she’s left only one clue behind—a message on the padlock she hung on the bridge.


I have loved Phaedra Patrick books since I picked my first one up a few years ago.  This beautiful love story really tasks you with remembering to enjoy life and not get so caught up in schedules and have to's. It is also a tribute to letter writing which is becoming a lost art, especially in the time of email and e-cards.  How many people take the time to send a card, note or something hand written instead of a quick facebook post or e-card? I remember writing letters to my mother from camp, nowadays many sleep away camps use email for kids to communicate with their parents, its sad and impersonal.

Mitchell is stuck in a rut, his girl friend has died and now he is raising their young daughter alone.  He has moved to the city to be closer to work but his life is lacking passion.  It revolves around schedules and plans.  His current job is cutting the locks off of the bridges so the weight of them don't collapse the bridge, when he sees a young woman attach a lock and then fall into the water below.  Not thinking he jumps in after to save her and this one "leap of faith" changes his life.  He discovers she has been missing for almost a year and her sisters and mother have been missing her terribly.  With the aid of his daughter, and a nosey reporter who wrote an article on his heroism his life is changed.  He starts feeling again, remembering what it is like to live instead of exist.  The reporter encourages people to write to him about their story with the bridges and he finds himself swarmed with letters telling moving stories about their lives and loves.

Beautifully written as usual this story reminds us all to not be so serious, to play, look up at the stars, and feel.   Maybe this time of quarantine is our bridge, how are you going to change your life?

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