BOOK REVIEW: When I Woke Up: One Man's Unbreakable Spirit to Survive by Paul Evans & Carolyn Coe


Publication Date: 
November 13, 2019
Publisher: Author Buzz
Format: Kindle
Pages:  296 Pages
Genre:  Memoir
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He went to hell and back. Then went again.He died on the operating table and lived in a parallel universe whilst fighting for his life in a coma.Became a fugitive, captured at gun point and imprisoned in a squalid Cairo jail for a crime he did not commit.As a child he battled with relentless bullies and overcame chronic dyslexia.As a man, he cheated death survived a foreign prison and built a multi-million-dollar business,Yet lost it overnight and found the strength, despite personal tragedy, to rebuild it. Again. He lives today knowing and believing that YOU can survive anything.If you want to know how to get through this thing called life – this is your manual.


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This is a story of a true entrepreneur.  No matter what befalls him he finds his way back using his wit and his ingenuity.  Paul Evans has literally been to hell and back, sent to prison twice, almost losing his life due to his partying lifestyle and finally having to flee the country he called home for several years and built a hugely successful business in.  Paul's story is one of survival and really looking at your life.  In the beginning I truly believe Paul had a fear of success because every time he had it all he fucked it up.  I think the final straw was the near death experience which really created a shift in his life.  

This was an interesting book in so many aspects.  From learning about living as an expat in several different countries, to building a successful business and how the mind of the entrepreneur works.  I really appreciated his candid and very honest accounts of how he fucked up his own life so many times but made changes and learned from them. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review. 

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