BOOK REVIEW: The Empty Bed (Burial Society #2) by Nina Sadowsky


Publication Date: 
January 28, 2020
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: Kindle
Pages:  293 Pages
Genre:  Mystery/Thriller
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Eva Lombard is being followed. Or so she suspects. . . .

Eva and her husband, Peter, are in Hong Kong on a romantic getaway from London when Peter wakes up in their hotel room to an empty bed, his wife gone without a trace. His worst fears are confirmed: Eva wasn’t imagining things. Suddenly, he finds himself the number one suspect in his wife’s disappearance, trapped in a foreign country with no one to turn to. He calls his boss, Forrest “Holly” Holcomb, who enlists the help of Catherine, his ex-flame and the enigmatic operator behind the darknet witness-protection program known as the Burial Society.

As a favor to Holly, Catherine sends her team of highly trained Society members on a dangerous chase through Hong Kong to find Eva—while Catherine takes care of pressing business at home. Not only is she tasked with a mission in Mexico City, protecting a family that knows too much from a vengeful pharmaceutical company, but an FBI agent tracking down the missing wife and child of a charismatic businessman is about to come dangerously close to exposing the Society’s secrets.

In these intertwining story lines that converge in unexpected ways, not everyone is who they appear to be—and not everyone who is lost wants to be found.


I didn't read The Burial Society and apart from not immediately understanding what the Burial Society was I didn't find myself lost.  It may have helped some of the backstory but that wasn't as important as the rest of the story.

This is definitely a complex mystery with many moving parts and seemingly no connections. From London to Hong Kong, and Mexico this book is a little confusing at first but it all starts coming together in the end and is extremely well done.  I really appreciated the different story lines and how they converge.  The action is fast and definitely something that keeps you on your toes.  The characters were interesting and very engaging.  The breakdown of Eva's marriage and the craziness that follows is well played.  I really enjoyed this book even when I was scratching my head trying to figure out how these seemingly two unrelated stories fit together. 

I am very interested in The Burial Society and the background of Catherine and how and why she formed this organization so I will be looking to purchase the first book in this series.  

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review. 

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