BOOK REVIEW: Overkill by Linda Castillo


Publication Date:
 May 13, 2018
Publisher: NYLA
Format: Kindle
Pages:  314    
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Marty Hogan was a good cop, until a shocking case sent her to the razor's edge....

A sadistic killer pushed Chicago cop Marty Hogan past her limits - and it was all caught on video. She lost her job, her sense of self, her entire world...until an open detective position in small-town Texas gave her a chance at redemption.

But she's about to learn that the past always catches up....

Police Chief Clay Settlemeyer knows all about mistakes and second chances - he's still earning his own, so he's willing to give Marty the opportunity to prove herself. But when her ex-partner is murdered, it looks like Chicago is coming to small-town Texas with a vengeance.


Marty Hogan is struggling.  After losing her job as a cop in Chicago she take a job in the only place that will take her with all her baggage in a podunk town in Texas.  Struggling with her reputation as a rogue cop who is hallucinating danger where there is none Marty tries to fit in with her new squad and tries to deny her attraction to her boss Chief Settlemeyer.  

When Marty's partner back in Chicago is murdered in long and horrific way and Marty finds herself the victim of an ambush her nerves are pushed to their limits.  

I have only ever read Linda Castillo's Berkholder series and this was a nice change.  I really like her style in this romantic suspense novel. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed the cat and mouse suspense.  Great easy read. 

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