ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Blackburn (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Brynne Ash

Release Date
 November  18, 2020
Publisher: Spectrum Audio
Format: Audio
Length: 2 hours 35 Min
Narrator: Virginia Rose & Aaron Shedlock
Genre: Romance 
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She’s my employee.

I’m her boss’s boss. Hell, I own the company.

Pursuing Lillian Burkette was a line I shouldn’t cross.

Until a work trip from hell changed everything.

I didn’t just step over the line. I annihilated the damn thing.  

When it comes to her, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.  I’d even kill for her.

When they say the corporate world is a jungle … they have no idea.


This could have been a really good book if it hadn't been so short.  I feel like the author skipped a lot of the build up, the struggle and romance and just gave us a synopsis of what the book could have been. The narrators were fine and engaged me as much as they could have in the short time span. I know a lot of people loved this book but there was just nothing to it for me.  I guess I don't like to be told things I want to experience them.  I wanted to see how horrible and nasty Lillian's family truly was, I wanted to experience more of the workplace drama that comes when a boss and a subordinate start a relationship.   So for me it was good but I wish it had been more.     

Disclaimer: I received this book through from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.