BOOK REVIEW: Midnight Tango by Linda Castillo


Publication Date:
 May 16, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Special Release
Format: ebook
Pages:  162 
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Buy: Kindle 


Taking gorgeous corrections officer Emily Monroe as his hostage, undercover CIA agent Zack Devlin was trying to escape with his life. But when he helped himself to Emily’s full, red lips and her body melted into Zack’s hard edges, she didn’t know if she was in danger or in love.

Both harboring old secrets and heartache, Emily and Zack were forced to run from dark intentions; finding solace in each other’s body heat, they shared passion driven by pure adrenaline. But as their search for evidence became a suicide mission, would they die having never said “I love you”?


Free on Kindle Unlimited.  This is the first in a 4 book series of "Midnight" books.  Zack Devlin is an undercover agent in a max security prison looking into missing inmates.  Emily Monroe is a prison guard who decides to go to work early to try to figure out what is happening.  She knows something is going on that is not on the up and up but not what it is.  What she walks into is what she thinks is a prison escape, but can she trust the prisoner when he says everything is not what it seems? 

While this follows a very typical romance formula it is still a fun quick read.  

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