AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Bad Memory (Jessica Shaw #2) by Lisa Gray


Publication Date: October 24, 2019
Format: Audio
Genre:  Police Procedural/ Mystery
Narrator: Amy Landon

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
9 hours 21 min
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Quiet towns keep big secrets.

Private investigator Jessica Shaw is leading a quiet life in a Californian desert community, where she spends her days working low-level cases. But when a former resident asks Jessica to help her sister, Rue Hunter - a convicted murderer whose execution is days away - Jessica can’t resist the offer.

Rue doesn't remember what happened the night two high school students were killed thirty years ago, but everybody in town is certain she’s guilty. As Jessica looks for answers, she finds that local rumors point one way and evidence points another. And nobody wants to face the truth. Meanwhile, Jessica can’t shake the feeling that someone is stalking her - now more than ever, she knows she can’t trust anyone.

As Jessica digs deeper, she encounters local secrets in unlikely places - including the police department itself. But the clock is ticking, and Jessica must find the truth fast - or Rue’s bad memory may be the death of them both.


Free on kindle unlimited which includes the audio.  Rue's execution is a few days away and with the time coming up Rue decides its finally time to look into her case some more.  Her sister hires Jessica to look into it since she is new to the area and won't have any bias against Rue.  The more she looks into the case the more things don't seem to be adding up. 

This is a good thriller and keeps you guessing as Jessica slowly unpeels the onion of this little town to uncover their secretes, where biases run deep and who your parents are follows the kids who live there. 
The narration switches between the past and the present. As people start to open up about things that they kept hidden in the first investigation things don't seem as cut and dry as the cops back then seemed to think.  Amy Landon as a narrator is very engaging and did a good job with the different voice.