AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Dark Highway (Jessica Shaw #3) by Lisa Gray


Publication Date: October 24, 2019
Format: Audio
Genre:  Police Procedural/ Mystery
Narrator: Amy Landon

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
9 hours 21 min
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An isolated highway in the middle of the desert - the perfect place to hide a secret. 

LA-based artist Laurie Simmonds disappeared two months ago, her camper van abandoned on the isolated Twentynine Palms Highway, miles from anything - or anyone. With the police investigation stalled, her parents put all their faith in private investigator Jessica Shaw to find out the truth of what happened. 

Jessica and her partner Matt Connor discover that two other women are missing, their disappearances connected to the same highway. When a link emerges between these women and a group of former college friends, Jessica feels certain they’re closing in on their target. 

But no sooner do they follow this up than Laurie’s parents get spooked and drop the case. Jessica is blindsided but determined not to give up: three women are missing, and many more may be at risk. She can’t turn her back on them. But the more she pulls at the threads of the truth, the closer she comes to danger. Can she find out who’s behind these crimes before they come for her?


Free on kindle unlimited which includes the audio.  Jessica has moved on from the small town she had been living in and got back in touch with the PI who helped her in Book 1.  Now working with him she is asked to investigate a missing persons case which she knows quite a bit about.  While looking into the missing girl, she is also asked to look into the disappearances of a few other young women who all seem to have disappeared without a trace on the same stretch of highway.  Police aren't convinced there is a connection but if anyone can find one its Jessica. 

As Jessica starts to close in on the truth the parents who hired her drop the case but Jessica won't let it go.  These women deserve answers and a matchbook may be the key that unlocks the whole case.  Well written, fast paced thrill ride, I really wasn't sure who was abducting these women until almost the very end, but the epilogue! Wow I did not see that coming but it was an interesting twist.  

Once again Amy Landon delivers a great narration that keeps you engaged.  I definitely recommend this as a good fun read.