AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Mentors: How to help and be helped by Russell Brand

Publication Date: April 9, 2019
Format: Audio
Genre:  self help
Narrator: Russell Brand

Publisher: Macmillan Audio           
3 hours 9 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped describes the impact that a series of significant people have had on the author - from the wayward youths he tried to emulate growing up in Essex, through the first ex-junkie sage, to the people he turns to today to help him be a better father. It explores how we all - consciously and unconsciously - choose guides, mentors, and heroes throughout our lives and examines the new perspectives they can bring.


Everyone can think back and remember that one teacher or clergy or person in their life that made a difference.  The one who taught you to read, was there for you when someone died, or guided you out of a difficult situation.  These people are mentors, people we look to for help and guidance.  Brand guides us through at least 5 people that he feels really helped guide him in life, from his NA sponsor to Amma the hugging saint of India.  He shares how they effected his life and now as a mentor himself how they continue to shape and guide him.  He also shares stories from youth that he has mentored.  Basically a mentor is anyone you feel has guided you or helped you to examine what isn't working in your life and helps you guide you to fix it.  I really appreciated this book and it made me think about and take stock of the mentors and people in my life who guide me.  Not all mentors stay with you forever, some are there for a short time and then you outgrow them and move on others stick around.  Neither is wrong. This book just reminds me that everyone you interact with has the potential to be either a mentor or your mentee.  Its not always obvious what role you play in another persons life but if you are authentic and lead with love you never know how many people you may touch.  

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