AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Tunnel of Bones (City of Bones #2) by Victoria Schwab


Publication Date: September 3, 2019
Format: Audio
Genre:  Fantasy/Paranormal
Narrator: Reba Buhr

Publisher: Scholastic Audio           
5 hours 5 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Trouble is haunting Cassidy Blake....

Even more than usual. 

She (plus her ghost best friend, Jacob) is in Paris, where Cass’s parents are filming their show about the world’s most haunted cities. Sure, it’s fun eating croissants and seeing the Eiffel Tower, but there’s true ghostly danger lurking beneath Paris, in the creepy underground Catacombs. 

When Cass awakens a frighteningly strong spirit, she must rely on her still-developing skills as a ghost hunter - and turn to friends both old and new to help her unravel a mystery. But time is running out, and the spirit is only growing stronger. 

And if Cass fails, the force she’s unleashed could haunt the city forever. 


Cass and her family are in France.  Her parents are ghost hunters and are filming a show there.  No one in her family knows that Cass's best friend is a ghost or that she can go to the world in between dead and alive and help ghosts cross over.  While exploring the catacombs Cass comes to the attention of a young ghost who doesn't realize who he is or that he is dead.  He has become a poltergeist and is wrecking havoc on the city and only Cass can stop him. 

I loved the first book in this series, City of Ghosts.  I fell in love with Cass and her ghost best friend Jacob. Things seems to be shifting with Jacob as he becomes more powerful now that he can travel outside of his death place and his friendship with Cass so I'm interested to see where that goes.  Reba Buhr the narrator really brings the story to life and helps me to see Cass so clearly.  Her uncertainty, her longing to help and her fear and love for her best ghost friend. Jacob actually provides the comic relief in these books and also seems to be the voice of caution. He doesn't like Cass going beyond the veil and worries for her ever since she barely escaped the Red Raven causing her life glow to form a crack. 

You could probably jump in and read this book as a stand alone since the author does explain certain things again but I feel you would be losing some of the connection between the characters. There is a new book in this series coming out in March.

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