ARC BOOK REVIEW: Earthbound by Fynn Perry


Publication Date: March 7, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Mystery/Thriller/ghosts

Publisher: Pageturner  
Buy: Kindle |  Paperback


John’s just met the love of his life when fate strikes a cruel blow. All at once, they’re both in hospital beds, unable to communicate. It seems they’re doomed to be apart. Until something extraordinary happens, and John realizes that he has left his comatose body and changed beyond all recognition. Suddenly, all that he holds dear might still be in his grasp—if he can adjust to his frightening new reality––an unseen world that is inhabited by an unexpected and impossibly powerful enemy. An enemy with a game in play to incite appalling crimes against humanity.


I received an advanced free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review: 

When John and his girlfriend are attacked when leaving a bar, Jennifer is okay but John's injuries put him in a coma.  But John isn't dead and is now living on another plane where spirits who haven't crossed over reside.  Some of them have something they left unfinished or some don't realize they are dead.  Some are your average every day person and some are just as evil as they were before they died.  They are dangerous and can take over people's bodies and do terrible things not only to those still alive but also those in this earthbound plane.  

This was a surprisingly unique book.  There are twists and turns and a very well plotted complicated fast paced mystery.  Once you start its hard to stop reading as you get sucked into this strange and dangerous otherworld as John tries to figure out the mystery of why he and his girlfriend were attacked.  As things unfold John finds out more about life in this limbo than he knew in real life. 

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