AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Before He Needs (MacKenzie White Mystery # 5 ) by Blake Pierce

Publication Date: November 15, 2017
Format: Audio
Genre:  Mystery
Narrator: Elaine Wise

Publisher: Blake Pierce         
5 hours 51 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


FBI special agent Mackenzie White finds herself summoned to crack a case she has never encountered before: the victim is not a man or a woman—but a couple. The third couple found dead in their homes this month.

As Mackenzie and the FBI scramble to figure out who would want happily-married couples dead, her search takes her deep into a disturbing world and subculture. She quickly learns that all is not what it seems behind the picket fences of perfectly-suburban homes—and that darkness lurks at the edge of even the happiest-seeming families. As her hunt morphs into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, Mackenzie, still struggling to find her own father’s killer, realizes she may be in too deep—and that the killer she seeks may be the most elusive of all: shockingly normal.


This is the 2nd Series by Blake Pierce I have started listening to.  I finished the Riley Page series last year. I really like Pierce's writing.  While the books do start to get a bit predictable toward the end of a series I really like the flawed but strong and independent female lead characters.  In this series MacKenzie White of the FBI is searching for a killer that has ties to the swinger community.  While we know that White will ultimately catch the killer the other thread that keeps getting pulled in this series is that of the murder of White's father.  It was first classified as a suicide but after some other deaths with a similar MO the case has been reopened and its putting White on edge.  

Very good, quick mind candy listen.  The mystery is enough to keep my brain engaged but I don't have to invest too much effort into figuring the whole thing out. 

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