BOOK REVIEW: You Can Run (Mary Mills Mystery #2) by Willow Rose


Publication Date: February 19, 2016
Format: Kindle
Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Buoy Media
330 pages
Buy: Paperback | Kindle 


It’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to happen on an ordinary Saturday morning.

Her kids are arguing, and her husband is still sleeping. Lisa is tired and wonders why her husband keeps working late. Is he having an affair? Is it the same girl as last time?

Lisa’s teenage daughter is acting up, and just as Lisa is about to walk up to her room and tell her who’s the boss around here, she feels the cold steel of a gun pressed against her cheek, while a hand covers her mouth.

Years later, it remains a mystery. Who killed Lisa’s family after holding them captive for twenty-four terrifying hours in their own house?

Mary Mills is enjoying her new life in Cocoa Beach. She is back with her husband Joey and hanging out with her old friends from the 7th Street Crew.

She is writing a blog and doing pretty well for herself when she realizes one of her best friends, Marcia is in serious trouble.

It is well known within the crew that Marcia likes to drink a lot, but things are getting worse. 

Marcia is deep in over her head, and she risks losing her children. 

Soon Mary realizes that maybe she doesn’t know her old friend as well as she thought.

It is said that a friend will help you if you’re knocked down, while a real friend says, “Stay down; I’ve got this.” 

Will Mary be able to live up to this? Will she be able to help Marcia, to save her before it is too late? Does she want to after she digs deeper into Marcia’s story and finds out who she really is?


This is a great new mystery series that I found on Kindle Unlimited.  

I wish I had started this series with book 1 because I definitely missed out on a lot of the dynamics between Mary and her husband as well as her brother.  However that being said this was a good book however I will say I was a bit lost at the beginning with all the back and forth in time with the different stories before they started to converge.  I think if I had read the first one this wouldn't have bothered me as much but once I got used to it I liked the flow.  

This is a fast paced book with many moving pieces.  I love how Mary and her friends all come together to help each other as their friend Marcia is slowly spiraling out of control.  Is she Schizophrenic, an alcoholic, or is there more going on with the flashbacks and screams Marcia keeps hearing. 

Mixed in with figuring out how to help their friend Mary and friends are also searching for her brother who she is coming to find out is a killer although I don't think even she knows the full extent of her brothers atrocities. 

I will definitely be reading the rest of this series and also finding other books by this author, they are sure to make great summer reading. 

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