AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Guilt Trip by Sandie Jones

Publication Date: August 3 2021
Format: Audio
Genre:  psychological thriller
Narrators: Claire Corbett

Publisher: Macmillan Audio                
8 hours 48 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


They went away as friends.

They came back as suspects.

Rachel and Jack. Paige and Noah. Will and Ali. Five friends who’ve known each other for years. And Ali, Will’s new fiancée.

The three couples travel to Portugal for Ali and Will’s destination wedding. Arriving at the gorgeous clifftop villa, the weekend away is a chance to relax and get to know Ali a little better. A newcomer to their group, she seems perfectly nice, and Will seems happy after years of bad choices.

But when Rachel discovers a shocking secret about Ali, everything changes. As the wedding weekend unfolds, the secrets each of them holds begin to spill, and friendships and marriages threaten to unravel.


I received a free copy of this audiobook from Macmillan Audio through in exchange for an honest review.

As the weekend unfolds questions and rumors spread.  Ali is bubbly and sexy but Jack Will's brother doesn't seem to like her.  In fact there are frequent secret arguments brewing between the two of them leading to others to question whether or not they were having an affair.  The twists and turns get deeper and the secrets more damaging as the young couple and their friends navigate this tumultuous week.  In the end as tempers flair and the truth comes to light something devastating happens that threatens them all.  

Reminiscent of The Guest List by Foley this story of friends with secrets that could rip lives apart, but who is telling the truth? In the end the truth always seems to come out - yet one more book that teaches us that lies never stay hidden. 

I was swept away in the drama of this book by the narrator who really embraced all the characters so well.  I got a little tired of Rachels angst but under the circumstances I can understand why she was so torn in two.  There were so many twists and turns but they all came together in the end. 


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