BOOK REVIEW: Dead Wolf Walking by Rory Mile


Publication Date: May 18, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Ghost Fiction, Shifters, paranormal romance

Publisher: The Dial Press                  
287 pages
Buy: Paperback | Kindle 


One bite changed my life. I was living life to the fullest when a wolf attacked. Now I’ve been ripped from my home and shipped off to Bad Moon Academy, a place for changed wolves. Or so I’m told. There’s something sinister lurking within the confines of the academy, and I’m starting to think I was brought here as a sacrifice. This is a dark academy reverse harem with dangerously possessive shifters.


This book ends on a cliffhanger so be prepared to download the next book right away! I enjoyed this twist on the usual paranormal romance. Raven is a medium and a necromancer in a world where the supernatural are known and taught about in schools.  While running in the forest she is bitten by a wolf and becomes a shifter. Whisked off to Bad Moon Academy she is told she can't leave until she learns all she needs to know about the shifter world.  However, things are not all that they seem and there are ghosts haunting the academy and wards keeping her in.  Determined to figure out what is going on she joins forces with her Luna wolf Joan and a few men that Joan would like to include in her harem of 5 men that all Luna wolves have. Raven also has her friend on the outside, a changeling Fae who looks after her and is determined to find help to set her free. 

This is fun read, the plot is interesting and there are twists and turns around every corner.  As Raven battles with her human emotions around nudity, and multiple partners her wolf provides so much needed comedy with her snarky sarcastic comments and lewd ideas of what to do with all these well endowed men she has surrounded herself with. I'm already halfway through the 2nd book in this series and it also doesn't disappoint. 

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