ARC BOOK REVIEW: Deacons Star (Orions Order #3) by MC Solaris

Publication Date: August 31, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Shifters, paranormal romance

Publisher: MC Solaris LLC                 
593 pages
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Starr. The bane of my heart's existence.

For years, we danced a flirty, banterous duet full of hot tension. Since the second we met, I knew there was something about her. It was like our stories were stars that mingled in the night sky and twinkled brighter in a desperate attempt for someone to read their shining story. Except, when I took the lead of our dance and had her heart spinning and knees weak, she ran in the other direction (or rather, sped off into the night on a motorcycle) with the taste of our kiss still lingering on our lips… and my heart crushed beneath the tires.

Somehow, I ended up in another relationship with a fine female who doesn't twist my heart with wicked games. She is probably better for me. Yet, I can't stop thinking about the female who keeps her distance from me. The female who made it clear she doesn't want me. The female who is determined to put weed killer on anything that buds between us. The female who has my heart in her hands and doesn't even know it.


If life has taught me anything it's that there's only one thing you can truly count on: yourself. And I have built my life with this in mind. My job? Bounty hunter. I'm my own boss and, yeah, you guessed it—no partner… by design. Family? None. Friends? One. But I sure as hell don't rely on her for anything. Not that she isn't reliable or anything. Again, it's just how I roll. My love life? It's complicated. Hashtag: How in the hell had my love life become a damn Facebook status?

So, yeah, I was doing just fine on my own… until a certain male waltzed into my life. And stole my hunt… for the second damn time.


This is not a stand alone series. I devoured books 1 & 2 and was so thankful to receive an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! 

Orion's Order is feeling the loss of their Vamp Nico, it always seems to be the elephant in the room, everyone misses him, some more than others.  However, they still have a job to do while they continue their search for Nico.  

While on a hunt they encounter Starr, the lone Bounty hunter that makes their resident tech steorian's heart pump harder and his mind fail to focus on anything but the sexy fire elemental. As the attack ends Deacon takes Starr into the woods, pours his heart out and gets her to try and work on their relationship.  

Starr is an orphan, who has had a string of bad relationships that have left her with severe abandonment and trust issues when it comes to the opposite sex.  With the help of her best friend and Seer she attempts to do this relationship thing with Deacon and hopes that she doesn't lose herself in the process. 

Deacon knows he's in love with Starr, has known it since he first laid eyes on her but breaking down her walls is going to take all his patience and love.  He also knows that she is fiercely independent and loves her job as a hunter so he has to figure out how to quell his burning need to protect her with her need to hunt.  

This is a great series.  Much more than just a paranormal romance, there is an actual story here with characters you learn to love, characters you hate and a bond that shows that family isn't always blood related.  So many layers to these books that it brings out all the feels.  Can't wait to read the next one. 

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