BOOK REVIEW: Adrift: A Billionaire Small Town Beach Romance -Haven Island Series) By Isabel Jolie


Publication Date: June 8, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Romance 

Publisher: Noctivity Inc      
286 pages
Buy:  Kindle Paperback 


I can be your dream girl – for a price.

Ever heard of Only Fans? It’s not my ideal job, but it pays the bills. It’s even made me somewhat of a celebrity. My subscribers love my provocative shots, and I’m oh-so-good at teasing them.

Then he shows up in my small town and complicates everything.

Mr. Green-Eyed Gazillionaire is so far out of my league it’s ridiculous. We’re polar opposites. That doesn’t change the fact that even though I’m a fantasy to most men, I want to be his reality.

Logically, I know that nothing real can ever happen between us. Too bad logic and I have never had anything but a passing acquaintance. Because now, if I’m not careful, I’m afraid this sexy billionaire will smash my big, sappy heart into oblivion.


I got this book free from Noctivity Inc through Eidelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

This book turned out to be more than I expected.  I thought it was just your typical beach romance but it really was so much more.  Jolie touches on a lot of issues, privilege, fat phobia, and sex workers.  In the beginning Gabe was a pretty hard to take character and I wasn't sure I would end up even liking him let alone routing for him. He is self possessed, rich, and oblivious to the working class.  Poppy is a hard working plus sized woman from a lower income family.  Her mother has been married 5 times and relies on men to support her.  Poppy doesn't want to fall into this trap.  During the Covid shut down she found Fan's only a site where women post provocative, sometimes nude photos of themselves and get subscribers, in some countries where prostitution is legal they even set up dates.  Poppy's site only shows her clothed in negliges and sexy outfits, there are also makeup tutorials etc.  While Poppy is not ashamed of what she does she is ashamed of her body.  She doesn't like being a bigger girl and doesn't see her own sex appeal.  

I think Jolie did a good job at showing Gabes evolution.  He starts off a pig and slowly starts to realize that money can't buy his way to what he wants, nor is it the be all end all.  When he first moves to Haven he is bored he wants to be back in NY but slowly he realizes that what he thinks he wants doesn't hold that much appeal anymore. He also throws money around like its paper.  He pays someone to do everything, shopping, cooking, hanging up lights outside. He doesn't see these people either, he just thinks of them as a means to an end.  Even Poppy.  He likes her, he wants her, he doesn't like other people seeing her fans only site so he wants to buy exclusivity.  Instead of maybe, I don't know, talking to her like a normal person and telling her how he feels he throws money at her which makes her feel cheap.  Its a slow process and I think his heart is in the right place he just doesn't understand because he is so steeped in privilege its a hard thing to shake. 

Jolie doesn't do such a great job with the fat phobia.  Poppy covers herself, rarely eats in front of people, hides her body, and while she does evolve and start to trust Gabe and his views of her I don't know that she truly embraces his vision.  However Jolie does an excellent job on showing that sex workers are not just objects and that they are people, not just what they do.  That many women turn to sex work to be able to pay the bills and get by day by day but they are smart and work hard and deserve to be treated with respect.  

Overall I really liked this book.  I thought the romance was good and I really liked the fact that Poppy wasn't a skinny stick with a perfect body, because those really only exist in books.  This is a stand alone book even though its part of a series, and the characters do intersect you don't need to read them in any particular order.  

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