BOOK BLITZ: Calling Quarters (Beacon Grove #1) by Jen Stevens

Calling Quarters
Jen Stevens
(Beacon Grove, #1)
Publication date: October 7th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

I was raised to believe that towns full of witches were only in movies, and those spell books my aunt studied were just a silly pastime. I had no idea of the important role I play in a coven with zero knowledge of my existence, or the sacrifice my parents made by leaving behind everything they knew to protect me.

In the wake of my aunt’s mysterious death, I have no other choice but to return to my birthplace for answers. But Beacon Grove is a twisted place where distrust spreads like cancer, lies fester, and the truth is nearly impossible to find.

One thing I’m sure of is the danger that Remy Winters and our inexplicable connection pose to me as one of the Quarters of the Watchtower coven. Through painstaking research and placing my trust in this man who has been trained since birth to hunt me, I learn that my family is far more intertwined with the tight-knit town than I originally thought.

I could be exactly what they need to save their beloved Quarters, but admitting what I am to those who have been brainwashed into fearing me could put my life at risk.

Calling Quarters is a twisted tale of corruption, lies, and a love story written in the stars.

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My courage grew wings and flew away as soon as I stopped my car and shifted into park. Fear took its place, as if finally, my brain had kicked into gear and realized how dangerous it was for me to be there. In the mouth of my predator’s den.

I walked to the beach instead of going to the front door like I originally planned, my eyes avoiding the beautiful sprawling mansion that overlooked it in fear of finding those coal black eyes gazing out at me. The ocean waves lazily nipped at my feet, somehow feeding the frenzy that was my mind.

I wanted to scream every frustration I had built up inside of me at it. To see the water split and shift with the sound waves as they vibrated off me, releasing every negative feeling into her depths.

A monster had grown inside of me, green with envy and red with fury. He fed off me for so long—my fears, my weaknesses, my complacency—that he managed to become a being all on his own.

I’d grown tired of other people making decisions for me. Of being at the mercy of everyone else for information about myself and where I came from.

There was a mystery surrounding my identity and why I was in Beacon Grove. I could feel the weight of curiosity in every stare as I passed by the town’s locals.

Could they tell that I was just as clueless as they were? Was it obvious that while I’d spent a lifetime as a girl named Storie Graves, I had no real idea who that person was?

A piece of me was always missing, even as a child. A hole of ignorance about my purpose in this world that no one wanted to fill in.

So, he filled it.

This fiery, jealous, raging monster.

At first, I was afraid to acknowledge him. I thought if I ignored him, he’d shrink away to nothing and disappear into the darkness inside my mind with the rest of the parts of me I was taught shouldn’t see the light of day.

It wasn’t until I befriended my monster that I gained clarity.

I saw my oppression for exactly what it was, and I would become a threat to everyone who wanted to keep me under their thumbs.

They had no idea how dangerous I’d become when I had nothing left to lose. If anything, what happened between me and Remy on the beach solidified that. Because we were very clearly connected in a way that no one wanted to admit—myself included. I was realizing that maybe that connection was more significant than I could have ever imagined.

Author Bio:

Jen Stevens was born and raised in Michigan where she enjoys the weather of all four seasons in a single day. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree, she quickly realized the corporate world wasn't for her and instead took on the daunting role as her daughter's snack maid. Reading has been an obsession for a long as she could remember, while writing has always been an escape. Jen could quote The Office word-for-word and proudly refers to herself as a romance junkie. She could live off anything made of sugar and has recently obtained the title of Lady. Most of all, she loves connecting with readers!

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