AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Over the Falls by Rebecca Hodge

Publication Date: September 7, 2021
Format: Audio
Genre:  Crime Thriller
Narrators: Aven Shore, Nick Modelli

Publisher: Dreamscape Media     
8 hours 34 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Bryn Collins moved to the Eastern Tennessee mountains and never looked back when, fourteen years ago, her fiancé, Sawyer, jilted her for her despised sister, Del. Sawyer was later killed in a plane crash, but Bryn has never been able to forgive her sister for what she did, and instead chooses to spend her days in the idyllic beauty of the rugged landscape. Although a life-threatening accident ended her days navigating the perils of whitewater, she still finds refuge kayaking in the local lakes.
But Bryn's placid life hits the skids when an unwelcome cast of characters reenters her life. Del goes mysteriously missing, leading her fourteen-year-old son, Josh, to Bryn's doorstep for help. Then Carl, a trouble-making outcast the sisters knew years before, is desperate to find Del because she owes him money, pulling Bryn into the orbit of his schemes.

On the hunt for Del, Bryn and Josh follow an ever-elusive trail to Colorado, and at the annual Mountain Games competition in Vail, they finally confront the truth. For Bryn, all roads lead to the river, and on vicious Colorado whitewater, she is forced to muster every ounce of courage and strength she has to piece her family back together again.


I received a free copy of this book from Dreamscape Media through in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the first book I've listened to by Rebecca Hodge and I will definitely be listening to more.  This is a fast paced book as Bryn and her nephew Josh race to find his mother before a criminal from their past finds her.  

Bryn lives a solitary existence until her nephew shows up unexpectedly telling her that her estranged sister is missing and he doesn't know where she could be.  Struggling with feelings from her past Bryn struggles with helping but ultimately has the choice taken away when someone threatens her farm. 

As Bryn and Josh travel the country in search of his mother they are also learning about how their past has influenced their current circumstances. As the bond between Aunt and nephew grows they discover surprises and learn that they are stronger than they believed. 

This was a good read and the narrators really nailed the characters. Hodge did a good job of navigating the feelings of a young boy with an addict mother and the responsibility he felt to take care of her. She also did a great job with Bryn and her struggle with intimacy due to a huge betrayal by the people who she loved the most. 


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