AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Lawyer (The Dalton Brothers #1) by Marni Mann

Publication Date: January 11, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Romance
Narrators: Kelsey Navarro & Tim Paige

Publisher: Dreamscape Media
7 hours 47 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


I’m not the type of girl who picks up a man on a rooftop bar—not the type who lets a man’s hands roam my body, discovering I have no panties on, never the girl who has hours’ worth of o’s from a smoking-hot one-night stand.

But Dominick makes it so easy to say yes.

His body, his moves, and his oh-so-wicked tongue have me saying it over and over again.

Yes, please. Yes, more. Yes, right there.

He worships every inch of my body, and I’m still sore the next morning when I meet him again.

This time, he’s Mr. Dalton, my sister’s cutthroat entertainment lawyer. 

And he has a proposition for me. He wants to make me famous.

Of course, that means sharing a screen with my wildly jealous sister. It means giving up my career. It means the whole world will suddenly know everything about me.

And that presents one catastrophic problem: Dominick doesn’t date famous people.

So do I take a chance at becoming a Hollywood star, or do I pass up the opportunity to be with the man who gave me a taste of forever?


I received a free audio book from the publisher through in exchange for a honest review.   

Kendall has the night of her life with the extremely sexy Dominick, however when morning comes she has to run or be late to meet her very actress sister who is demanding and nasty when she doesn't get her way.  Kendall moved to LA to be her assistant to help her when her last few assistants quit. When she finally gets to the meeting at Kendall's lawyers office she finds the sexy man of last night is Kendalls attorney. Now he has a prospect for her that would launch her into stardom and angering her sister who doesn't like sharing the spotlight. 

This is a typical romance however it does dive into what fame can do to some people and how the media treats actors/actresses as if they are things instead of people. Things without feelings or should expect every aspect of their lives to be open books to anyone who wants to know something. Sometimes the lure of fame outshines the reality.  The narrators were good and there are quite the steamy scenes. This is definitely a fun read.  

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