AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood #3) by JR Ward

Publication Date: July 21, 2009
Format: Audio
Genre:  Fantasy Romance/Vampires
Narrators: Jim Frangione

Publisher: Recorded Books  
15 hours 12 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


The third book in the series tells the story of the vampire Zsadist, a former blood slave with a violent past. When he meets Bella, Zsadist thinks her human love could be his path to salvation. Then Bella is kidnapped, and Zsadist will stop at nothing to get her back.


I found this book on Hoopla through my Public Library.  

I'm really enjoying this series.  It is much more than just a romance.  There is a war going on between the Vampires and the Others who are vampire killers who are undead and whose sole purpose is to wipe out the vampires.  

This is the 3rd book in the series and the first one I felt that I really wanted to review.  I love the other two but this one dealt with one of the most mysterious members of the vampire warriors, the black dagger brotherhood.  Zsadist, captured as a boy to serve as a blood slave to a vicious and unscrupulous female vampire.  Once he has gone through his transitions she uses him to feed and to satisfy her sadistic sexual appetite.  The other books have alluded to what happened to Zsadist and his twin brother but this books really not only tells his horrific story but also shows the fallout of that early trauma.  

Bella has invoked feelings in Zsadist that he never thought he had.  He struggles with them as sex is difficult for him emotionally and he doesn't want to hurt her but he is drawn to her. When Bella is kidnapped he is determined not only to save her but to avenge her. 

I really appreciated how the author handled Zsadists issues. I think they were very realistic right down to Zsadist not wanting to taint anyone with his unclean body to his nausea at the feelings Bella invokes in him.  I felt that this book was so much more than just about the war going on but also about the affects of sexual abuse on children and the way trauma can affect the whole family.  I also really like how each of these books builds on the next.  They are not stand-alones.  

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