AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Quiet Game by Greg Iles

Publication Date: August 14, 2014
Format: Audio
Genre:  Legal Thriller
Narrators: Tom Stechschulte

Publisher: Penguin Audio
20 hours 0 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Natchez, Mississippi. Jewel of the South. City of old money and older sins. And childhood home of Houston prosecutor Penn Cage. 

In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, this is where Penn has returned for solitude. This is where he hopes to find peace. What he discovers instead is his own family trapped in a mystery buried for thirty years but never forgotten—the town’s darkest secret, now set to trap and destroy Penn as well.


I found this book on Scribd.   

Prosecutor turned author Penn Cage and his daughter are returning to his home town of Nachez Mississippi to join his parents after the death of his wife. 

What he finds when he gets home is his father being blackmailed and a reporter that stirs the pot on race by interviewing him about a decades old murder.  Finding himself embroiled int he mystery of who killed a young black man many years ago leads Penn on a hunt that leads back all the way to the FBI. Slowly he starts uncovering a conspiracy involving the "good old boys" club and politics. 

Taking a leap of faith he embarks on a case that could either make of break him, as well as create enemies in his small home town from people who would rather the murder never be solved and want sleeping dogs to stay sleeping.

Excellent mystery that introduces us to Penn Cage and his small home town. 

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