BOOK REVIEW: Winterset Hollow by Jonathan Edward Durham


Publication Date: September 1, 2021
Format: Kindle 
Genre:  Horror

Publisher: Credo House Publishers
Length: 288 
Buy:  Kindle Paperback 


Everyone has wanted their favorite book to be real, if only for a moment. Everyone has wished to meet their favorite characters, if only for a day. But be careful in that wish, for even a history laid in ink can be repaid in flesh and blood, and reality is far deadlier than fiction...especially on Addington Isle. 

Winterset Hollow follows a group of friends to the place that inspired their favorite book - a timeless tale about a tribe of animals preparing for their yearly end-of-summer festival. But after a series of shocking discoveries, they find that much of what the world believes to be fiction is actually fact, and that the truth behind their beloved story is darker and more dangerous than they ever imagined. It's Barley Day...and you're invited to the hunt. 


I found this book on Kindle Unlimited. 

My wife encouraged me to read this and while I'm not a huge horror fan I agreed.  What I found was not a horror book in the normal sense but a violent fable, or some would say a cautionary tale.  As a group of young people set off to celebrate Barley Day and their favorite children book what they find is beyond their belief. 

Vengeance, trophy hunting, and the hubris of man take center stage in this book.  Vengeance can overwhelm and consume you leaving you nothing but anger and hate, trophy hunting is wastefully and prideful, and man believes he can take what he wants with no consequence. 

I loved this book, its a perfect story as we watch Russia invade Ukraine because it wants to. This is so much more than just a "horror" story. I will be thinking about this book for a long time, as it reminds us to look at what we have and think of how our actions affect others. 

Beautifully written despite how violent and bloody it can sometimes be, but thats life isn't it? 

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