AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: True Evil by Greg Iles

Publication Date: July 1, 2008
Format: Audio
Genre:  Suspense Thriller
Narrators: Dick Hill

Publisher: Brilliance Audio 
17 hours 0 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Dr. Chris Shepard has never seen his new patient before. But the attractive young woman with the scarred face knows him all too well. An FBI agent working undercover, Alex Morse has come to Dr. Shepard's office in Natchez, Mississippi, to unmask a killer. A local divorce attorney has a cluster of clients whose spouses have all died under mysterious circumstances. Agent Morse's own brother-in-law was one of those clients, and now her beloved sister is dead. Then comes Morse's bombshell: Dr. Shepard's own beautiful wife consulted this lawyer one week ago, a visit Shepard knew nothing about. Will he help Alex Morse catch a killer? Or is he the next one to fall victim to a deadly trap of sex, lies, and murder?


I found this book on Scribd.

This was a great listen.  It reminded me a little of that long ago movie with Dennis Quaid movie DOA where a man investigates his own murder.  This was better than that movie but a similar premise.  Alex Morse is told by her sister on her death bed that she was murdered by her husband.  However Alex's sister died of Cancer.  Alex unsure if her sister is correct decides to investigate and what she finds is a divorce attorney that seems to take cases that never wind up in divorce court but the spouses all end up dead of seemingly natural causes.  All the spouses are rich and divorce would cost them millions. When Alex discovers a doctor could be the next victim she enlists his help but first she has to convince him that his wife is cheating and that his life is in danger.

This is a fast paced thriller.  There are multiple points of view and many players in this race to catch a killer and save Chris Shepard from a similar fate as all those others spouses. While this isn't a Penn Cage story both Penn and his father both show up as minor characters which make the story feel familiar.  I love when authors do this, having characters bridge other stories. 

The narrator was great, I feel like I could listen to him all fact I think I did! I don't know what took me so long to find this author but I'm glad I finally did. Superb writing that has you feeling the sticky heat on your skin, hearing the breeze struggle through the Spanish moss dripping off the trees and your soul slow down a pace from the fast pace of East Coast Northern life. It almost makes me want a sweet tea...almost (way too sweet for me). 

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