I'm always on the lookout for bookish gifts, whether they are for me or my wife or someone I know who is also a total bookie.  Here are some of the ones I have found recently that I loved and hey mothers day is around the corner! 

1. MAGIC & CELESTIAL Library of Stamp or Embosser, Custom Library Stamp, Personalized Book Stamp, This Book Belongs To Ex Libris Embosser - I bought this for my wife since she tends to hang on to her books unlike me who either gives them away or the ones I do save or collect are usually first edition signed copies that I don't want to emboss. I got her the stamp and she loves it! I picked up one of the books she just finished and noticed her stamp in it.  I love it... now I'm thinking of getting one made to stamp my books I give away that has my blog address on it.

2. Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit & Gift for Book Lovers - Card Catalog Checkout Cards, Bookplates, Date Stamp & Inkpad - I haven't bought this but I love it.  Reminds me of my childhood and checking out books from the library.  Those little printed out slips of paper just don't hold the same nostalgia for me. 

3. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist- I receive this as a gift several years ago.  Its really cute.  I don't drink much due to allergies but it would be great for throwing a Literary Cocktail party.  I enjoyed reading the witty references. 

4. Card Catalog: 30 Notecards from The Library of Congress - Does anyone else miss these card catalogues? I miss the nostalgia of them, and the look of them but l don't miss having to search them for books. However this clever little box has notecards that are reprinted from the Library of Congress