BOOK REVIEW: The Shutout by Dianna Roman


Publication Date: March 22, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  MM Romance

Publisher: Wild One Press
385 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback 


Sometimes love is where you least expect it, and sometimes it's right where you left it.

Widower, Max Hartwell, is barely keeping it together, being a single dad, managing his law firm, and navigating life's chaos. Life after loss is too difficult for surprises, which is why Max would be lost without his reliable best friend and neighbor, Jack.

Best pitcher in the MLB, Jack Spears, is at the top of his game. He has it all, except for the one thing he wants most, which happens to be the one thing he can't have if he doesn't want his private life to overshadow his career - love. When an emotional evening reveals his biggest secret, he's faced with losing everything that matters most to him.

Can Max see him for the man he truly is, or will Jack forever be doomed to live in the shadow of the image he created as America's favorite pitcher? 

Heartfelt and human, The Shutoutis a story of friendship, loss, love, and the rough road to new beginnings. 

* this book contains discussions of homophobia, homophobic slurs, explicit adult language, a physical altercation, loss of a loved one, feelings of isolation, and consensual sexual content


Free on Kindle Unlimited, this MM romance is excellent.  Max and Jack have been neighbors for years.  Jack was good friends with Max's wife and ever since her tragic death has been there for him and his daughter.  When in a moment of drunkenness Jack kisses Max and Max learns that Jack is gay things spiral out of control.  

This book really brought home how isolating it is to have to be in the closet and not be able to live your life and love who you want.  Jack being a professional athlete is in a profession where no one is out until after they retire and the cost of keeping his sexuality hidden is destroying him.  Max is struggling with what he feels because he doesn't seem to be attracted to all men, just Jack so what does that mean? Is he gay? Bi? And why do we need a label? This is a very well developed story with characters that are relatable. 

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