I found more great gifts on Etsy! I love Etsy for unique gifts. 

 1. Intuitively Chosen Tarot Card Bookmarks, gifts for book lovers, holographic with tassels, tarot reading, bookish gifts, Mother’s Day gift - If you have a love of the spiritual and are a book junkie like me these may peak your interest.  I haven't been buying bookmarks because I mostly read on kindle but my wife has started up my book buying habit again so not I'm in the market for some neat bookmarks. 

2. Library Card Pillows - these are small but so damn cute I may need to buy a few - I received a bed pillowcase like this and its one of my favorites but I can't find any others so I may have to go with these. 

3. African American Women Book Marks - I love these as most book marks feature white people or animals these have great quotes and are beautiful! 

4. Book Hangover Mug - Who doesn't enjoy a good cuppa while reading...and these mugs come in the perfect sizes...I will be going with the 15oz mug!