BOOK REVIEW: Trust Me, I'm Trouble by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Format: Kindle
Genre:  YA Suspense

Publisher: Delacorte Press
370 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


Staying out of trouble isn’t possible for Julep Dupree. She has managed not to get kicked out of her private school, even though everyone knows she’s responsible for taking down a human-trafficking mob boss—and getting St. Agatha’s golden-boy Tyler killed in the process. Running cons holds her guilty conscience at bay, but unfortunately, someone wants Julep to pay for her mistakes . . . with her life. 

Against her better judgment, Julep takes a shady case that requires her to infiltrate a secretive organization that her long-gone mother and the enigmatic blue fairy may be connected to. Her best friend, Sam, isn’t around to stop her, and Dani, her one true confidante, happens to be a nineteen-year-old mob enforcer whose moral compass is as questionable as Julep’s. But there’s not much time to worry about right and wrong—or to save your falling heart—when there’s a contract on your head. 

Murders, heists, secrets and lies, hit men and hidden identities . . . If Julep doesn’t watch her back, it’s her funeral. No lie.


Still reeling from the events at the end of the first book Julep is now living with her FBI handler and his wife - her best friend, Sam is MIA and she now has a new group of minions working with her on more up and up stuff. She is trying to get out of the grifting business but it doesn't seem to want to let her go.  

Big secrets surface in this book and there are many more clues that point to Julep's mother being a major player in what is happening in her life.  She discovers that her mother has ties to a major crime family and that she seems to be on the run.  But did she leave Julep to protect her or is she caught up in something else? 

Julep's one true constant is the mob enforcer Dani who was asked to protect her by her father.  Julep finds that her feelings for Dani are growing into something more than friendship but she isn't sure what to do about that since Dani does not seem to want to go down that path.

In the end there are more questions than answers and its been several years since the author has written an installment for this series so I'm hoping that she will pick this up again soon.  Both of the books in this series were well written, and keep you wanting more.  I love Julep but as all teenagers do she makes dumb decisions that usually find her in worse circumstances than she was in before.  If anything the things that happen in this book may have actually taught her that she can and should put her faith in others to help her. She doesn't need to be the one doing all the protecting. 

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