ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Boyfriend by Daniel Hurst

Publication Date: August 23, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Psychological Fiction
Narrators: Lorna Bennett, Chris Devon 

Publisher: Dreamscape Media
7 hours 42 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


What if your exes were being killed off one by one?

Adele has had a colourful romantic past but has finally found her soulmate, Tom. They are engaged and she is looking forward to a future of blissful happiness.

Until she realises her ex-boyfriends are turning up dead.

At first the deaths seem accidental, but soon a sinister pattern emerges. All of Adele’s former partners are being killed off - in the order she dated them. As the body count grows, Adele has to figure out who is doing this and why.

Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until the killer gets to Tom…


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I struggled through this book and it was almost a did not finish for me.  I had a really hard time liking Adele.  She is planning her wedding to Fiancé Tom but is out almost every night with her best friend getting hammered to the point she has blinding hangovers and doesn't remember half the night. Tom obviously doesn't appreciate this but doesn't start questioning their relationship until she is persistent in telling him he is in danger because many of her ex-boyfriends are turning up dead and now she is getting strange text messages. 

It just seemed strange, I would be calling off the wedding unless she went to rehab, and would definitely believe her when more than 1 of her ex's turns up dead just weeks apart.  Then there is Adele's childhood accident that has left her with blinding migraines due to a head injury and amnesia (you would think that she wouldn't be drinking to excess just due to this alone!). Is there a connection between what is happening now and the past she can't remember? 

The whole things jumped the shark for me on many occasions.  I would give it a lower rating but maybe someone else out there will find it is their glass of Chardonnay. 

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