ARC BOOK REVIEW: You Again by Dianna Roman

Publication Date: August 2, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  LGBTQ Romance

Publisher: Wild One Press
368 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


Brokenhearted and love-scorn, Johnny finds himself forced back into the dating pool by his overbearing mother and meddling best friend. Is it fate, interference, or a dating app glitch that keeps pairing him with his complete opposite, a handsome brick mason with a smile that makes bad decisions worthwhile?

While Aiden is seemingly perfect inside and out, Johnny is a realist. There's no way that man's peanut butter goes with his clumsy, nerdy jelly. If only he could convince his libido and the determined brick mason that he's not on the market, he could get back to his safe, solitary life.

Aiden wants more than just being a pretty face and a night of fun after years of fumbling through encounters that never went deeper than the surface. When he meets Johnny, something behind the skittish photographer's snarky facade speaks to his wanton heart. There has to be a reason they keep crashing into each other in more ways than one. Maybe attraction isn't supposed to make sense and love, even less.


This is free on Kindle Unlimited.  

This is a fun gay m/m rom-com.  Aiden works with his family in a small town.  He identifies as bi but most of his relationships have been with women, again its a small town.  Then Johnny comes to town.  With his flamboyant style and snarky personality he hooks Aiden from the moment he lays eyes on him.  However Johnny can't believe that Aiden would be interested in anyone like him. 

Through a series of dating mishaps they keep getting thrust together in funny scenarios.  Well written and very charming you will fall in love with both Aiden and Johnny.  

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