BOOK REVIEW: A Fair Warning (A Grand Valley Novel #1) by Dianna Roman

Publication Date: March 28, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Dark Humor/Romance

Publisher: Wild One Press
247 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback



All I wanted was to throw a little bag of dog poop at my ex's door to release my divorce demons. Is that too much to ask? Just my luck Deputy Hillbilly Upchuck Duke catches me in the act. That creep's been on me like germs on a buffet since we were kids. I have a bar to run, a beer garden to build, and moron cousins and patrons to wrangle. I don't have time to be stalked by this idiot. If he thinks showing back up in Grand Valley with a star on his inbred chest, sans mullet, will make me forget the hell he put me through, he's dumber than he was when he left Illinois.


Poppy Prince hates my guts. Always has. It's cute she thinks those nicknames bother me, almost as cute as how clueless she still is about her sex appeal. It takes a special kind of man to put up with her crap. I'm going to show her once and for all that no one's as special as me.

*Trigger warnings: This book contains adult language, explicit consensual sexual content, politically incorrect terminology and dark humor meant to capture the demographic of rough small towns that still exist today. 


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I love this author.  I have read a few books by her and they are all super fun.  I love her humor and playfulness with the characters.  It is definitely what I would consider a rom/com. 

Poppy runs the local bar and has had love hate feelings for Chuck forever.  She hates that he gave her the nickname Poppycock and that it stuck! Now Chuck is back in their home town, a county sheriff and won't seem to leave her alone.  Chuck has been in love with Poppy for as long as she has hated him.  Desperate for even a smidge of attention he subjects himself to her torment every night at her bar where she ignores him or taunts him. 

Needless to say the start seeing eye to eye once they actually start listening to each other instead of sniping at each other. 

Super fun, playful read that will have you laughing and smiling. 

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