BOOK REVIEW: Inevitable (a second chance mafia romance) by Katelyn Taylor

Publication Date: May 10, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Romance

Publisher: self published
269 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


Luca Mariano

The boy I fell in love with at 16 under the stars.
The one who was ripped away from me and took my heart with him
But that boy is no more.
Now, one of the most powerful Mob Bosses in the country comes back in to my life and buys me.
He says that he was my best option. That this is all temporary and he will let me go soon.
But I don’t want him to let me go ever again.

Ashlynn Adams

My first and only love.
We were ripped apart years ago and my plan was always to get her back but things have changed.
I am the Boss of the Mariano family now and this life is too dangerous for an angel like her.
But she is already in danger and I am her best option.
Our enemies are closing in on us and I will kill everyone to keep her safe.


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Ashlynn fell in love with Luca when she was a teen. Ripped away from each other by her father the Senator who didn't want her cavorting with the help.  The senator casts out Luca and his family not caring what happens to them despite years of dedicated service.

Now years have passed and Ashlynn's father still keeps throwing men in her path that will never compare to Luca.  After all these years she can't keep her thoughts from him.  Luca however, has changed. After leaving Ashlynn's family home his family was forced to beg for charity from his uncle who was in charge of the Mafia.  Now Luca is the boss and his family is under attack.  He also finds out about plans the Senator has for his daughter and can't bare to see her hurt.  Despite not wanting to put Ashlynn at risk by brining her into his world that is exactly what he does.  

For a Mob boss I found Luca to be a bit oblivious and trusting to the powers working around him.  However, I loved the interaction between Ashlynn and Luca and ultimately that held this story together.  I am also looking forward to the other book in this series so I can learn more about Luca's right hand man Giovanni. 

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