ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Black Hamptons by Carl Weber, La Jill Hunt

Publication Date: August 30, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Urban Fiction
Narrators: Ace Bentley, Chante Ellison, Dylan Ford, Ebony Mendez, Michael Rishawn

Publisher: Recorded Books
10 hours 23 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


When a piece of land comes up for sale in this exclusive community, it sparks a war between the Brittons and the Johnsons. It’s old money versus new money, and neither family seems willing to compromise. Will the tension between them shatter any hopes of a peaceful summer? 

Hidden away near the end of Long Island, New York, is a community where affluent African Americans, their friends, and the wannabes have secretly vacationed for more than 75 years. Unlike the bluffs of Martha’s Vineyard, black folks here own five miles of prime beachfront. With a mix of legacy families, new money, hangers-on, and thirsty developers, drama can never be far behind in a place called . . . the BLACK HAMPTONS. 

The Brittons are the owners of Amistad Bank, the nation’s largest minority-owned bank. They consider themselves the “First Family” of the Black Hamptons and have owned their estate home for three generations. Their matriarch, Carolyn Britton, and her two sons, Malcolm and Martin, are not to be played with. They truly embody the Black Hamptons’ old guard and will do whatever they feel is necessary to maintain their place at the top.

The Johnsons are relatively new to the Black Hamptons, having summered there only five years. Sometimes they still feel like outsiders, but that might be because Anthony Johnson is viewed as competition by the Brittons. He’s the handsome CEO of Sydney Tech, a company he built from the ground up. Many people consider him the most powerful man in the Black Hamptons, but don’t say that around the Britton boys.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

I can see why this was made into a BET series as the book reads more like a screen play.  I could see all the sexy Britton boys swaggering around the Hamptons like they own the place.  It felt very much like a soap opera and is definitely part of a series as it ends on a cliff hanger. 

The Brittons have been in the Hamptons for years, they own the local bank and their matriarch is a stone cold bitch.  She runs the family on threats, bribes and some unsavory maneuvers.  The Johnsons are new money and have only been in the Hamptons for 5 years.  They don't always feel they fit in and families like the Britons often look down on them. 

When a piece of land comes up for sale both the Brittons and the Johnsons have their eyes set on it and a vicious battle ensues. New money vs. old money in an epic showdown.  There are twists and turns I didn't see coming and I was terribly disgusted with how the whole Britton family cowers to the matriarch.  Grown men, forced into marriages, denied who they want to spend time with and catered to when they do something she approves of.  I didn't see them as strong I started to see them as weak minded fools who are so invested in their luxuries they couldn't fathom going against their mother. 

The Johnsons are self made, and while the sister in law gives me a bad taste in the beginning she seems to come around somewhere in between. I'm not sure what they have in store for her but she could be a good asset in the future. 

Overall I felt this was well written and while it did get too dramatic for me at times it kept me engaged enough to finish and want more.  

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