ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Lizzie Blakes Best Mistake by Maizey Eddings

Publication Date: September 6, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Rom/Com
Narrators: Summer Morton, Will Peters,

Publisher: Macmillan Audio 
10 hours 21 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Lizzie has made endless mistakes. Kitchen fires, pyramid schemes, bangs (of the hair and human variety), you name it, she’s done it… and made a mess of it too. One mistake she’s never made is letting anyone get closer to her than a single hook-up. But after losing yet another bakery job due to her uncontrolled ADHD, she breaks her cardinal rule and has a two-night-stand that changes everything.

Once burned, twice shy, Rake has given up on relationships. And feelings. And any form of intimacy for that matter. Yet something about charming, chaotic Lizzie has him lowering his guard. For two nights, that is. Then it’s back home to Australia and far away from the pesky feelings Lizzie pulls from him. But when Lizzie tells him she’s got an unexpected bun in the oven, he’ll do whatever it takes to be a part of his child’s life… except be emotionally vulnerable, obviously. He’s never going to make that mistake again.

Through a series of mishaps, totally “platonic” single bed sharing, and an underground erotic baking scheme, Lizzie and Rake learn that even the biggest mistakes can have the most beautiful consequences.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

As a mom of 3 kids, two that have ADHD this book hit so many notes for me.  The description of Lizzie's inability to do simple things, be overwhelmed by life, and become distracted by anything is so familiar. I cried as Lizzie described how she always felt broken, how her self esteem plummeted due to not being able to behave in a neurotypical fashion. Then along comes Rake who loves Lizzie's zest for life, her often rambling stories that seem not connected at all but actually do connect eventually. 

Rake uproots his life in Australia when he learns Lizzie is pregnant, although he is leery of  relationships he hasn't been able to stop thinking about the quirky redhead who took him outside his comfort zone and showed him how to laugh and live.  

This book is all about loving someone as they are, you may not fully understand them but helping them to discover what inspires them and encouraging them is so important. 

I was so happy to encounter who isn't neurotypical that in a romcom I'm sure so many people will see themselves in this quirky beautiful character. 

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