ARC BOOK REVIEW: The Forgotten Witch by Jessica Dodge

Publication Date: September 19, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Historical Fantasy

Publisher: Wizard Supply Co. 
? pages
Buy:  Kindle 


Helen Kent never dares to step outside her comfort zone. She lives a lonely, mundane life in the city, grinding through her uninspiring marketing job. That is, until a spontaneous online purchase brings her to the little bay town of Oban, Scotland, where a 500-year-old cottage full of secrets and stories awaits her. After Helen unearths the local legend of a 16th century witch, she discovers a set of mysterious journals in the cottage’s library. Thrust into a world of magic she doesn’t understand, she soon realizes there are both light and dark forces at work beyond her control. With the help of a dashing Scottish neighbor and his wise grandfather, Helen discovers the link that connects her to the mysterious events unfolding at the cottage. But when the past collides with the present, she must face her fears and fight for what she believes in—that is if she hopes to unravel the mystery of Fernbeg cottage before darkness descends, again.


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Helen Kent uproots her life after a spontaneous decision to buy a cottage in Scotland.  Not understanding why she did what she did and fearful now that all her savings is gone she goes to Scotland intending to fix up and resell the property.  However, when she gets there strange things start happening and she finds herself more and more drawn into a mystery. Finding journals from hundreds of years ago she starts learning about the woman who used to live in the cottage and the tragedy that befell her during the Scotland witch trials. 

With a mix of history, magic, and second chance romance this book weaves together the past and the present in satisfying story of love, and the fight between light and dark. As Helen uncovers more about the past she finds she doesn't want to leave and her gorgeous neighbor/handyman doesn't isn't helping her decision. She doesn't feel right starting a relationship if she is destined to return to the USA but she can't help but be drawn to this man and his granda. 

I really enjoyed the writing and the magic of this book.  I felt the cold permeate my bones and the fire warm my toes and thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and magic of the story. 

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