BOOK REVIEW: Caged (savage men #1) by Clarissa Wilde

Publication Date: September 21, 2017
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Dark Romance

Publisher: Create Space
501 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


They call me savage. An untamed beast.
I was born in the cage. Born to fight. Born to carry its name.
Locked away, I’ve spent years waiting for my mate.
I'm pent up with need. Brimming with desire.
All I want is her... That beautiful girl from the picture on my prison wall.
Now she’s finally here, sharing a cell.
So close. So hard to resist.
But one thing’s for sure…
Even if she doesn’t know it yet, she’s already 


Locked in a cage his whole life, forced to fight for food and his life.  Now he has to choose his prize.  He picks a girl who has selective mutism. She only speaks to a select few people since the death of her sister when she was a child. Now she finds herself locked in a cage and the only person she sees in Cage. 

Despite having no choice about having sex with Cage she soon finds herself falling for this broken warrior who doesn't understand the world. When she finds herself pregnant and discovers her kidnappers plans for her child both Cage and her struggle to find a way for her to escape.  Cage will protect her at all costs, even his own life.  

There was something charming about Cage and I loved the play between the two main characters.  This is the first in a series the next book revolves around Cage's brother Lock who he didn't even know existed. This is definitely a dark romance but it works in its own way. 

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