BOOK REVIEW: Surrendering Hope by Adaline Winters


Publication Date: February 6, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Fantasy Romance

Publisher: self published
374 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


A storm is coming… Natia has to hide, be swept away, or become an immovable force. Reality is wrapped in myth and legend. Gods pull her in different directions, each harbouring a conflicting agenda. Unlikely allies challenge her beliefs, identities are revealed, and evil wears many faces. Faced with a choice to save the man she loves or the human race, what will she choose? Logic dictates that one life is not worth millions, but love is never logical.


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This is truly one of the best self published series I have read.  Filled with mythology, Gods, Demons and questions about hope and is humanity worth saving? Grab your box of tissues and dive in because this book is a ride.  

To save Archan, Natia needs to make binding deals with Gods and try to figure out a way to save everyone she loves before Lawrence and Lucifers son open the gates of hell and let loose some of the nastiest of the nasties. 

This story line is so well crafted, the characters so well drawn you feel like you know them.  I found myself very invested in Natia's future and feeling the pressure she is under to solve an unsolvable problem. 

The ending of this book broke me I was ugly crying and wondering what could possibly happen in the next book that would satisfy me. If you liked Song of Achilles and like tragic mythological romances run out and grab this series.  I'm hoping it will end better than Achilles but damn, Winters wrote a book just as worthy of praise. 

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