ARC BOOK REVIEW: Revenge by Suleidy Merced

Publication Date: October 5, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Dark Mafia Romance

Publisher: self published
343 pages
Buy: currently unavailable


Viktor's out for revenge and Ava has a secret…

It’s been over a year now since Ava O’Brien first walked into my life. Since I claimed her as mine in exchange for paying off her father’s debt. What started out as a business transaction turned into something so much more. A love powerful enough to bring me to my knees. I was all in with Ava, ready and willing to give her everything.

And then life went into a tailspin. My father started cozying up to our enemy. Our clan has come under fire, and danger stalked my Ava. But what shattered us was the moment my past walked through our door.
The revelations broke my Ava. And when she disappeared completely, it broke me.
Now the danger is greater than ever, and what was exposed the night Ava left is just the beginning. I’m learning new information all the time. About my father, our clan, our enemies… and Ava.
But it isn’t enough. It’ll never be enough until she is back in my arms where she belongs.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through booksirens. I am leaving this review voluntarily

Dark Mafia Romance.  Ava is stuck.  She loves Viktor but his father is pressuring him to marry another woman.  The other woman in question is also supposed to be carrying his baby.  Ava knows that this feud between Viktor and his father is dangerous so she runs, and disappears.  However, what she doesn't know is that its not a threat to Viktor his father has threatened it is a threat against her.  He has put a hit out on her if Viktor is seen near her.  In order to save her Viktor agrees to marry the other woman. 

Desperate to start over Ava fumbles through falling back on her strength from growing up in the projects.  She finds and apartment and a job but then she finds out something else.  Something she isn't sure she can keep from Viktor.  

This is a great sequel, we see Viktor unraveling without Ava, but he just can't seem to comprehend that she wants to be his partner.  It isn't until she agrees to come back to him that Ava seems to grow more of a backbone.  She is still overwhelmed by her love for Viktor but now she has something else to fight for. 

This book is faced paced with a lot going on.  We really see Oliver, Viktor's brother shine in this book and take on a more active role than sidekick.  While it may not seem like much happens in this book (although I beg to differ) there is a lot of set up and a shift in the dynamic between Viktor and Ava. 

This book also ends on a cliffhanger and I'm not sure when the third and final book are supposed to be released but I'm hoping its soon.  The advanced teaser at the end of this book is full of shocking information. 

I really think both of these books could use a good editor or a good go through with spellcheck and grammerly.  The mistakes are getting harder to ignore.  

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