AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

Publication Date: November 6, 2018
Format: Audio
Genre:  Legal Thriller
Narrator:  Richard Armitage

Publisher: MacMillan Audio 
15 hours 55 min
Buy:  Kindle | Audio


Leningrad, Russia, 1968: From an early age it is clear that Alexander Karpenko is destined to lead his countrymen. But when his father is assassinated by the KGB for defying the state, Alexander and his mother will have to escape Russia if they hope to survive. At the docks, they have an irreversible choice: board a container ship bound for America or one bound for Great Britain. Alexander leaves the choice to a toss of a coin…

In a single moment, a double twist decides Alexander’s future. During an epic tale, spanning two continents and thirty years, we follow Alexander through triumph and defeat as he sets out on parallel lives as Alex in New York and Sasha in London. As this unique story unfolds, both come to realize that to find their destiny they must face the past they left behind as Alexander in Russia.


Sasha and his mother escape Russia after his father is killed.  He leaves behind his good friend Vladimir who he learns sold him out to advance himself in the KGB. During his escape Sasha and his mother have two choice, one leads to America and one to the United Kingdom.  This book explores both and its interesting to see how similar his life would have been depending on where he went. There are some mind bending moments toward the end when you stop and think wait maybe he really is in both.  

As with all of Archers books this is well crafted, complex and utterly fascinating. There is so much going on that I'm not sure if audio is the correct format for this book.  While I was able to keep up with the plot it sometimes jumped from America to the UK without me realizing it and I would have to bring my brain up to speed. 

I really don't understand why Sasha would want to go back to Russia ever, not to bury his uncle, look into business or whatever.  His father was killed for trying to start a labor union, they lived a brutal life and he finds freedom and a good life in the UK and America.  The lure of Russia for Sasha just boggles my mind even though he has hopes of it changing I think deep down he knows not much ever changes in Russia. 

I love that one of Archers most loved characters makes an appearance in this book, Detective William Warwick has a cameo that made me smile - I like that he connects several of his books like this. The last sentence of the book was a total mike drop.  Bravo Mr. Archer this one floored me.  I literally had to rewind to make sure I heard it correctly and I got bug eyed! 

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