AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Tiny Book of Big Manifestation

Publication Date: May 10, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Spirituality
Narrators: Matthew Boston

Publisher: Tantor Audio
1 hours 43 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


You Can Make Your Dreams Come True! Let this powerful little book guide you to the life you want to lead.

You create every waking minute of every day—in fact, every second. Even more specifically, with every word you utter, you create. Once you realize and internalize this fact you will be on the path to fulfillment.

The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting is for anyone looking to create the life they want. It provides easy to understand manifestation techniques, along with a Code of Life by which to live. When the techniques and the Code are combined and put into practice, life-changing events can start to occur that will help turn dreams into reality.

While many books have been written on how to manifest and create a better life, 
The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting differs because its author, Jeffrey Segal, brings forth new esoteric manifestation techniques and incorporates a set of values to live by that together catalyze the manifestation process in a way never before possible. Jeffrey put these methods and his Code into practice personally to create the life he truly wanted, moving from being a highly successful attorney, to living his passion and serving others by founding Mystic Journey Bookstore and Mystic Journey Crystals.


I actually bought a copy of this book in paperback and it sat and sat on my desk, calling to me asking to be read but I just kept putting it off.  Finally I grabbed the audio from Scribd.  I will be listening to this again, maybe even follow allow with the audio and the book at the same time so I can annotate things.  

I love how easy this is to read/listen to.  It gives you clear simple steps to help you manifest what you want but also makes you aware of some of the pitfalls people get into.  The self sabotaging talk that we are prone to do and also not seeing the signs, asking for help or even seeing that what we asked for may not be really what we wanted to begin with.  

Learning what you want is probably the first and hardest step.  Really dive deep. Start with the broad question and then keep asking yourself why until you finally get to what you really want. 

Things show up maybe not in the exact way you expected them to but they will show up.  Say you are manifesting a blue 4 door sedan and someone calls you the next day and says they have a red 2 door sedan  in the make that you were wanting that they need to get rid of.  Is this exactly what you were trying to manifest? Maybe not but if you were trying to manifest a car because you didn't have one this may be the one you brought into your life.

If you are even vaguely interesting in this concept pick up this book.  It is tiny! And if like me you don't think you will pick it up download the audio and play it in the car...I bet you will go back to listen to it again.    

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