BOOK REVIEW: United in Ashes (Woodsboro Duet #2) by Rory Ireland


Publication Date: June 2, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Dark Step-brother romance

Publisher: Banned Baddies LLC
136 pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback


My step-sister is the thorn in my side, and the only thing I've ever wanted that I couldn't have.
I've broken her to ensure there's nothing left of Woodsboro but ashes.
As secrets are revealed, and friends turn to enemies, one thing is clear.
Carrington Jane wasn't the enemy all along.
It turns out, she was the only one I could trust.


Free on Kindle Unlimited. 

This book picks up immediately after the 1st one ends.  CJ is caught in a fire and Sebastian is determined to save her or burn with her. 

As the danger ramps up in this book, CJ and Sebastian seem to finally be on the same page.  CJ thinks she is protecting Sebastian by keeping the information Blaine told her secret but when she finally tells him he doesn't understand because he was never involved in what she knows. 

As Sebastian and his gang of "Wolves" protect the women they care for they start to learn more about what all of this may be about. 

The ending left me a bit cold. The big reveal was just lacking in the emotion it needed. However, the chemistry between Sebastian and CJ is still smokin hot and just as dangerous. 

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